Evolving's Founding Partners


We founded Evolving Image with a simple mission statement      in mind.... we wanted to "put an end to the ordinary wall".

Through the years we have done just that and continue to thrive by creating amazing partnerships with Interior Designers, Architects, Home Owners, Corporate Retailers, Bar Owners, Restaurateurs and Hospitality Groups.

Annemarie is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts, (BFA)    and brings her vast knowledge of Fine Arts & Graphic Design    to each project. Her love of creating the most inspiring space    for the Home makes her the "Go To" source for Residential Projects.

Andrea is a graduate of The Ohio State University (BFA Painting & Photography). Her in depth understanding of Art, Interior Design & Photography allows her to create sophisticated and trendy Commercial spaces. Her early career  in custom wallpaper design for Corporate Retailers, (Victoria's Secret, The Limited Inc. and Bath & Body Works) allows her to shine in all things Commercial. 

If we can, then let's............. make the most nurturing, inspiring and creative environments >together<.